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Magnum Collision is Atlanta’s trusted Lamborghini body shop. Lamborghini repair requires the specialized training and equipment of a shop that specializes in exotic vehicles. We guarantee that your Lamborghini’s performance will be completely restored.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Factory Training
  • Genuine Parts

Lifetime Warranty

We confidently provide a Lifetime Warranty for our repairs because we know that we have the training, tools, and experience needed to restore your Lamborghini to factory specifications. This warranty covers all workmanship and paint. We are dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction and the highest quality repairs available – anywhere.

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Lamborghini Factory Repair Process

We set a high standard for the quality of our repairs because we understand the value our customers have invested into their exotic vehicles. A Lamborghini repair requires the same amount of care and precision that was put into it by the manufacturer. Each new model comes with new structural designs and technologies that continue to push the limits of performance and luxury.

When we take in your Lamborghini we perform a full inspection using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Without a proper inspection, damages beneath the surface might go unnoticed and reduce the performance and safety of your vehicle. Then we will repair your vehicle while following strict factory guidelines from the manufacturer. This way we can guarantee that each component is installed and performs exactly as it was designed to.

By following Lamborghini’s repair process and using genuine parts we can erase any sign that your vehicle had been in an accident. This is important because when someone is looking to purchase a used vehicle, especially a Lamborghini, they have very specific standards in mind for the performance and aesthetic quality of the car. To get the most out of your investment, it is important that your Lamborghini repair is done by technicians who hold the same high standards for the quality of exotic vehicles.

A high quality repair from Magnum Collision can also keep factory warranties intact, which is not something that can be achieved by a shop not using Lamborghini approved parts or repair processes.

Magnum Collision Center has the most rigorous Quality Control process in the industry. Before we return your keys we perform a close inspection of all of our repairs. This is to ensure that we have provided the quality of repair that we promise to all of our customers.
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Magnum Collision Center and Performance Auto Collision

Magnum Collision Center and Performance Auto Collision

Two Locations, One Team.

More Certifications Than Any Other Collision Center in the Area

Magnum Collision Center has merged with Performance Auto Collision, forming the most advanced collision repair team in the region. Our combined experience allows us to deliver factory approved repairs to more brands than anyone else. From Honda to Lamborghini, we have the state-of-the-art facilities and factory training to get the job done right. For a full list of our manufacturer certifications click here.

Lamborghini Body Shop
Your Lamborghini is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. Protect that investment by using a Lamborghini Body Shop.


    Hagerty is the global leader for collector car insurance, providing coverage for over 1 million classic vehicles. Hagerty established the Expert Repair Network to provide classic owners with access to the very best repair shops in the industry. To meet Hagerty’s strict standards for inclusion in their repair network, Magnum had to meet the following criteria:

    • Are known for quality workmanship, outstanding customer service, and ethical business practices

    • Dedicated to collector vehicle repair and/or restoration work

    • Provide a lifetime warranty against defective workmanship

    • Involved with and support the collector car hobby

    • In good standing in their community

    • Are preferably referred to us by a) a client, b) an employee, or c) another trusted source