Major Structural Repair

Vehicles are built very differently today compared with the designs of the past. Advances over the years have turned the modern-day vehicle into one that is designed to not only perform well and efficiently but also with your safety in mind. When you need major structural repair, Magnum Collision Repair Center has the tools and equipment to repair your vehicle to like-new condition.

What Is A Major Repair?

If you’re involved in an accident, your vehicle is intended to crumple around you, absorbing the impact so that you don’t. Every part of the vehicle plays a role in making this happen, right down to the timing of the air bag release. What may look minor to you, could be hiding a lot of damage under the surface. Major damage is defined as any damage that affects the integrity or structural support of the vehicle.

After a major accident, all these elements must be taken into consideration as even one misaligned joint could mean the difference as to how your vehicle performs if it’s in another accident.

Choosing The Right Auto Body Shop

When your vehicle is repaired after an accident, you need to be assured that the technicians not only have the skills to repair your vehicle correctly, but also that they will know what parts of the vehicle could have been affected by the impact. These are may include areas that can only be found after the vehicle has been dismantled for repair. Something as simple as a slight misalignment to a joint is the only detail that something is wrong underneath.

Magnum Collision Center’s skilled technicians have the certified training and experience to spot these issues. They will then repair the vehicle, using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and procedures to return the vehicle to manufacturer standards. This dedication to always completing a quality and invisible repair will have your vehicle looking like it just left the factory.


We work with all insurance companies, managing the negotiation process for you so that you can deal with more important life details. We work to ensure a hassle-free experience, providing all you with any answers to your questions and making sure your vehicle is repaired correctly by the most qualified technicians in the industry.

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