Do You Need a Post Repair Inspection?

Signs of an Incomplete Repair

If you have paid to have your vehicle restored to pre-accident condition then you would expect it to drive as well as it did prior to the collision. If you feel that something is wrong do not hesitate to have your vehicle inspected. Not only are you entitled to get what you paid for, but an improper or incomplete repair can have serious consequences for the safety and value of your vehicle.

Some signs will be prevalent right away. Check the gaps between your cars panels. They should all be even. You may also feel a tugging at your steering wheel. This could be caused by an improper alignment, or even persisting damage to your suspension. If you feel anything strange in your ride at all, you should not hesitate to get off the road and have your vehicle inspected.

You should also pick up your vehicle during the day where issues with the paint will be easier to spot. For obvious reasons you want your paint job to be fluid, but damaged paint could also be a signal for internal damages, especially to aluminum components. Improperly repaired aluminum parts can corrode your paint and pose serious safety issues if not properly repaired or replaced.

Corrosion can take weeks or months to appear, as well as other issues such as water leaks. You may not realize water is getting into your vehicle until you notice a musty smell. It is better to fix these issues as soon as possible.

You Are Entitled to a Complete Repair

When it comes to collision repair, your safety should be the number one priority of the body shop. This is why Magnum Collision Center has very strict quality control guidelines to help prevent these improperly repaired or ignored damages from leaving our shop. It is also why we happily provide free post repair inspections. If the other guys didn’t get it right the first time, do you really want to continue to trust your vehicle with them?