Professional Caliper Painting Service

Complete the look of your car with custom painted brake calipers and wheels.

  • Transform the rusty appearance of brake calipers with custom caliper paint.
  • Industry leading paint equipment. Pick the color that matches your style!
  • Stencil exotic car logos, brands, or any design you can think of. Everything is hand painted, no stickers or covers.

    Custom Calipers and Wheels


    Hand Crafted Style

    Whether you are looking to give your wheels or calipers a classic look, or something specifically unique for the design of your vehicle, our industry leading technicians will help you achieve the aesthetic goals you have for your car.

    All of the work completed will be done by hand, uniquely for your vehicle. We do not use stickers or caliper covers. This gives you ultimate control of the design, ensuring that your car will be truly one of a kind.

    15 Years of Caliper Painting Experience

    We have been repairing exotic and luxury vehicles for over 30 years, and have been offering custom wheel and caliper painting for the past 15. Many of the vehicles we are certified to repair are built by hand and customized for the owner. When we paint wheels and calipers we are dedicated to providing the same quality workmanship that went into the rest of the vehicle. Caliper covers, stickers and decals are no substitute for a genuine custom paint job.


    Many drivers are worried that making visual changes to their vehicle will hurt the value of it. With us, a custom paint job is not just changing the look of your vehicle, it is enhancing the aesthetic value of it.

    We’re Enthusiasts Too

    Like you, we love exotic vehicles. We understand the value of owning a car that stands out from anything else on the road. Our passion for these vehicles is what drives us to put in the training and investments needed to repair them to like new condition. It is also why we support taking your vehicle to the next step of customization. With personalized wheels and calipers your vehicle will go from exotic, to one of a kind, and we’re excited to be a part of the process.

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