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Specializing in Luxury & Exotic vehicles with certifications from Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Aston Martin, McLaren, and more!
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Why Choose Magnum Collision Repair Center?

From Honda to Maserati, we have more factory certifications than any other auto body shop in the area. This means that our customers can rest assured that no matter the make or model, we have the facility and the trained technicians required to restore their vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our repairs with a Lifetime Warranty for all repairs and paint. We want our customers to share our confidence that when our job is done their vehicle will be driving with the performance and safety that it was designed with.

Quality Control

Once your vehicle has been repaired and refinished, it undergoes a rigorous quality control examination. Modern vehicles are meticulously designed, with every part playing a significant role in the car or trucks safety and performance features. Our Quality Control system ensures that each of these parts has been repaired to meet factory standards.

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One Team – Two Locations

In 2016 Magnum Collision Repair Center merged with Performance Auto Collision to form the most highly certified collision repair company in the region. Though we kept our original name at this location, we are truly now one team. At both this location, and at Performance Auto Collision, you will find technicians who are equally qualified and dedicated to providing the absolute best repairs available.

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About Magnum Collision Repair Center

Magnum Collision Repair Center is the Most Trusted Collision Center in the Region

Our mission is to protect the value of your vehicle, whether it is your daily driver or your prized high-end sports car. All modern vehicles are built with advanced designs to improve performance and safety. Our highly trained technicians have the tools and training needed to restore these features to pre-accident condition.

We have access to OEM parts that seamlessly fit the original specifications of your vehicle. When our repairs are complete there will be no sign that your vehicle was ever in an accident. This is why more manufacturers and dealerships recommend Magnum Collision Repair Center than any other repair facility in the area.

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    Hagerty is the global leader for collector car insurance, providing coverage for over 1 million classic vehicles. Hagerty established the Expert Repair Network to provide classic owners with access to the very best repair shops in the industry. To meet Hagerty’s strict standards for inclusion in their repair network, Magnum had to meet the following criteria:

    • Are known for quality workmanship, outstanding customer service, and ethical business practices

    • Dedicated to collector vehicle repair and/or restoration work

    • Provide a lifetime warranty against defective workmanship

    • Involved with and support the collector car hobby

    • In good standing in their community

    • Are preferably referred to us by a) a client, b) an employee, or c) another trusted source