Post Repair Inspection

When to Get a Post Repair Inspection?

If you have paid for a repair it is important to know that your vehicle has been restored to pre-accident condition. This means that when you are back behind the wheel and something does not feel right, then you should bring it to a trusted repair center to have it inspected. Whether it is a pull at your steering wheel, or a strange smell that wasn’t there before, it is important to have your vehicle checked out. Even minor damages left untouched, or improperly repaired/replaced components could have serious consequences for your safety, or the value of the vehicle.

Know What Work Will be Performed From the Beginning

A body shop that does not disclose the extent of the damages prior to performing a repair should not be trusted. It is important to be informed on exactly what repairs you are paying for, and what the body shop and insurance companies responsibilities are. If something doesn’t feel right you should not hesitate to get your vehicle inspected. The more informed you are beforehand, the easier the process will be to repair the damages caused or ignored during the initial repair.

Paint Work and Color Matching

Another glaring sign of an incomplete or improper repair is issues with the new paint job. Pick up your vehicle during daylight so these issues will be more clearly visible. The sooner that you discover an error, the easier the whole process will be. You should expect that the body shop can match your original paint. But imperfections such as specs of dirt, or peeling, are also red flags for an improper repair. For example, improper aluminum repairs can cause corrosion which is a sign of deeper more serious issues with the structure of your vehicle.

Hidden Damages

It is unfortunate how often other facilities will cut corners in order to cater to the insurance company or to cycle through more repairs. However, many times these hidden damages will not be obvious until weeks, months or even years down the road. Not only will these issues diminish the value of your vehicle, they are also serious threats to your safety in the event of a second collision.

This is why it is important to pay close attention to your vehicle after it has been repaired. Check the gaps between body panels to make sure they are uniform throughout the entire vehicle. If anything feels even slightly wrong then it is a good idea to have it inspected. It might seem like an additional hassle now, but if serious issues are revealed in the inspection you will be glad that you did.