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Magnum Collision Center has multiple rare Factory Certifications such as Lamborghini, McLaren and Mercedes Benz. We are committed to completing a superior repair on your vehicle. We use genuine OEM parts and safeguard your manufacturer warranties and resale value. To back our work, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our repairs and paint work.

Lifetime Warranty

With our Factory Certifications we are committed to always completing high quality, manufacturer level repairs to your vehicle. We stamp that commitment with a Lifetime Warrantly, so you can be assured that your vehicle has been returned to pre-accident condition when it leaves Magnum Collision Center.

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Becoming a factory certified auto body shop is not easy. It’s not supposed to be, that’s why being one is so valued, and very costly to the auto body shop. We feel it’s worth it to be able to repair your vehicle correctly.

Construction methods and materials have drastically changed over the years in order to meet government standards for stronger, safer and lighter vehicles. The safety elements in the design of a vehicle factor in every part; just a small misalignment can be the difference as to whether your airbag deploys at the right time or the framework sustains an impact. Modern day vehicles require very precise and specific repairs and procedures.

Why Choose A Certified Auto Body Shop?

  • We are required to complete repairs to the manufacturer’s standards
  • Our technicians undergo comprehensive, specialized training onsite at the factories
  • We have the special equipment required by the manufacturer to repair your vehicle correctly
  • Receiving certification for each manufacturer can take over a year. It is constantly ongoing in order to keep up-to-date on new techniques and technologies
  • Receiving certification is about more than repairing a vehicle. Our workshop, reception, restrooms, customer service and more must be at the high standards required by the manufacturer.
  • A separate clean room is required to repair aluminum. Mixing steel and aluminum can cause corrosion.
  • The top manufacturers complete onsite, in-depth inspections prior to certification
  • We must stay up-to-date and re-certification is required
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The safety of you and your family is paramount, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure your vehicle is repaired correctly after an accident, with a factory certified repair from Magnum Collision Center. Fill out the form for a free consultation on repairs.


    Hagerty is the global leader for collector car insurance, providing coverage for over 1 million classic vehicles. Hagerty established the Expert Repair Network to provide classic owners with access to the very best repair shops in the industry. To meet Hagerty’s strict standards for inclusion in their repair network, Magnum had to meet the following criteria:

    • Are known for quality workmanship, outstanding customer service, and ethical business practices

    • Dedicated to collector vehicle repair and/or restoration work

    • Provide a lifetime warranty against defective workmanship

    • Involved with and support the collector car hobby

    • In good standing in their community

    • Are preferably referred to us by a) a client, b) an employee, or c) another trusted source