Manufacturer Trained Technicians

Our team comprises manufacturer-trained technicians who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to every repair job. We understand that each vehicle requires specialized knowledge and skills to ensure proper repairs, which is why we invest in ongoing training and certification programs provided by leading manufacturers.

When it comes to technology, the vehicles of old are no match for the vehicles hitting our roads today. Every year manufacturers are producing products with more and more complex systems integrated into the design. It’s crucial that body shop repair technicians are not only trained to repair your vehicle, but also have experience doing it again and again.

Today’s standards are so much higher that they used to be. The tiniest fracture in a frame requires a repair by a technician who knows what they’re doing. If done incorrectly, it could interfere with the entire safety system of your vehicle and put you and your family at risk.

Our technicians undertake thorough training for Magnum Collision Center to receive certification. This training is ongoing so that they can learn correct repair procedures for new vehicles, learn new and better repair procedures as they are developed and to further their knowledge and experience. It’s technicians with this kind of dedication that you want repairing your vehicle.

Here’s why our manufacturer-trained technicians are an essential part of our team:

  • Expertise: Our technicians undergo rigorous training programs provided by manufacturers, ensuring they have the knowledge and expertise to handle repairs according to manufacturer specifications.

  • Precision: Manufacturer-trained technicians have a deep understanding of vehicle systems and components, allowing them to perform repairs with precision and accuracy. They follow manufacturer guidelines and use specialized tools and techniques to ensure that repairs are completed to the highest standards.

  • Warranty Compliance: By entrusting your vehicle to manufacturer-trained technicians, you can rest assured that repairs are performed in compliance with manufacturer requirements. This is particularly important for maintaining warranties and preserving the resale value of your vehicle.

  • Quality Assurance: Our manufacturer-trained technicians undergo continuous evaluation and assessment to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. They take pride in their workmanship and strive to deliver superior results on every repair job.

  • Access to Resources: As manufacturer-trained technicians, our team has access to the latest technical information, repair procedures, and genuine OEM parts. This enables us to provide comprehensive repair services that meet or exceed manufacturer standards.

  • Customer Confidence: When you choose Magnum Collision, you can have confidence knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of skilled professionals who are trained and certified by the manufacturer. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives everything we do.

Whether your vehicle requires collision repair, painting, frame repair, or body modifications, our manufacturer-trained technicians have the expertise to get the job done right. Experience the difference of working with our highly skilled team at Magnum Collision.