Aluminum Repair

Aluminum is fast becoming a popular choice of metal for vehicle manufacturers. America’s most popular vehicle, the 2015 Ford F150, is the latest aluminum bodied vehicle to hit our roads. With more vehicles using aluminum, it’s imperative that repairs are made by specialists trained in aluminum body repair.

How Is Aluminum Different To Steel?

Aluminum is very light, while still possessing the same strength as steel. In a world where fuel prices are ever increasing, this means better fuel mileage as well as better towing and payload capacities.

For repair technicians, there are major differences in repairing aluminum to steel which require advanced training. Aluminum and steel will corrode each other if they make contact. An auto body shop must have a clean room where only aluminum repairs are made, so that shavings from the two metals won’t come into contact. The clean room must have its own tools and equipment to ensure that those same tools aren’t used on a steel repair.

Unlike steel, aluminum doesn’t have metal memory. While steel can be more easily reshaped into its pre-accident form, manipulating an aluminum body requires knowledge and special tools.

Aluminum also reacts to heat differently. Excessive heat can compromise the integrity and strength of aluminum. To avoid wielding, many joints in aluminum are made with rivets and adhesives which require more specialized tools.

The aluminum certified training of Magnum Collision Center technicians has given us the professional skills and knowledge to repair your aluminum vehicle with the same expertise of the manufacturer. You can rest assured that we have the training, tools and equipment to perform a safe and faultless repair of your vehicle.

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